Birth work is ancestor work. I’m white, third-generation Italian-American and I honor my matriline. My great-grandmother, Incoronata Chiarolanza Del Giudice, grew up on a chestnut farm in Cassano Irpino, Provincia di Avellino, Campania, Italy and brought her healing folk traditions with her when she immigrated to the States. She was known to remove the malocchio, make homemade clothes and medicine, and feed her community from her garden. This work has historically gone unpaid and unrecognized. 

In the tradition of my ancestors, I offer nourishing rituals for you to feel cared for. With my support, you will have homecooked meals, intentional time to rest and process your birth story, and community referrals.

I’m committed to approaching this work through a social justice lens. My approach is intuitive and trauma-informed, anti-racist, and inclusive. I will often use terms such as birthing person, menstruating folks, and bodyfeeding.